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Our target clients are motivated, talented creators and attractive growing companies. We are looking for people have an interest in creativity, people, communication and career progression. Also someone has strong desire to learn new things and enrich oneself by working with us.

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<Employment Terms >

・Employment Status: Full-time / Contract Employee / Part-time *It depends on your experiences and skills
・Work Location : Shinbashi , Minato ku , Tokyo
・Working Hour : Flextime
・Salary : Salary commensurate with experience and ability.
・Weekend : Two-day weekend: Holidays, a summer vacation, year-end through New Year holidays, paid holidays, congratulation or condolence leaves.

<Qualification Requirements>

・People who have mastered some creative skills such as web, graphic , video etc.


Please apply from the E-mail address below.

<About Us>

HLYWD AGENT JAPAN runs the professional group of creators' career change, HLYWD AGENT. We've matched more than 2000 creators needs so far, and to be one of the industry leaders in this field, we will plan to keep working on new businesses to support creators.


We are "creators," "full time employees," "selected companies"-themed curation employee agent. Despite the scale of a company, we go into partnership with attractive companies and lead creators to their matching job.

■Corporate Culture

We work in a unique and stylish office under favorable working condition. We are building a cloud operating system that is ease with working anywhere. Each staff carries a MacBook and a smart phone. Also as a creators'-specialized agency, we create WHATEVER comes from our inspiration!

■Recruiting Method

Our job is to support our clients' career changes therefore "assisting mind" is essential. It doesn't matter if you are experienced in this field or not, but we would like to work with someone who always make the best out of whatever one is working on, and has own mind or awareness of a subject and tenacity to getting a job done.